Tuesday, 12 April 2011

How To Make Money Making Blog - 5142338


Today I teach you how to make your BLOG a Money Making Blog. There are several easy way to Earn Money With Blogger's Blog.
Two months ago i started to work with Google Adsense. Now I am earning with Adsense and my Average Monthly Income with Google Adsense is 400$. You can also earn just follow simple steps. Which I going to share it with you.

Step 1 Make Account in Google

First of all make your Email Address in Google. 

Step 2 Sign up in Blogger

For blogger you must have email address in gmail. Now Sign up in www.blogger.com, make your account there then register it.

Step 3 High Pay Key Words

This is one of the most important step, here you have to choose good key words for your blog. My High Pay Key Paying words are Forex , Trade, Money & Insurance. If your blog based on these Key Words, I am sure you can earn more then 200$ per month. After making blog now you can get material from google regarding your post. It is better for you to post 10-15 post per month.

Step 4 How To Bring Traffic

This is the most difficult thing which you have to find it while working on Bloggers / Adsense  but dnt worry here I will also help you how to bring traffic on your website / Bloggers . The best way of generating traffic or make your blog popular go and signup the FaceBook Community where Millions of Adsense Users are available. My facebook ID is humilion@gmail.com., and belive me from facebook i got huge amount of traffic and this is the Natural Way of Generating Auto Traffic on Your Blogg.

Step 5 Make Multi Blogs.

This step really help you, because if you have more then one blog then you can park your Adsense more then one blog and through this way you have different kinds of traffic generates.

Step 6 How To Bring Your Blog In Top Google Search

This is very tricky and through my experience if you follow it then your blog may also be on the top list in google search.

Use some lengthy post name for your blogs for example follow this blog and look at the each post name and search them you may find them all in the top search so visit this blog How to Make  this the example for you through these kinds of post name your post become very much popular in no time.

I hope after all these key steps you can make your blog The Best Money Making Blog. Inshallah


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